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Welcome to the site for anyone who is a Queenan
related to a Queenan or wants to know about Queenan's

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Welcome to the Queenan Family Tree Website!

On this site you will all the research I have done on the Queenan Family Tree and then some. Starting with my grandfather John W. Queenan I have only found 4 generations of family members and also have some theories about 2 previous generations.

Even though I have done a lot of research on other families related to the Queenans I have yet to get any Queenan family tree information back before 1811.

This site is dedicated to all our Queenan ancestors
and especially to the memory of
Alice Margaret (Thomas) Queenan and John William Queenan
George W. McClellan and his sister Phyllis
for teaching and inspiring me to learn history and genealogy.

Special thanks to all the Queenan relatives from around the world
who have helped me in my research.